Lactobacillus plantarum



  • What is Lactobacillus plantarum?


Among the healthy probiotics that can be found in the human body is Lactobacillus plantarum. This is the largest genus from all the lactic acid bacteria groups and exists in over 50 different species. First, it was isolated from human saliva, but then it was discovered that it also exists in plant material, as well as in the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans. Lactobacillus plantarum has been used in the process of fermenting foods for many years, but recently it has been discovered that it also promotes a normal digestive health and can be used as an effective treatment for colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.


Lactobacillus plantarum can easily destroy pathogens, preserve vital vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It can also produce L. lysine, which is a very beneficial amino acid and can be a very efficient deliverer for therapeutic compounds and protein the body needs, as well. But still, many researches concerning this beneficial bacterium have to be made.


  • Health benefits


Probiotics usually have many health benefits which vary a lot, from offering digestive support to promoting healthy cholesterol levels. In what concerns the good bacteria that have to be incorporated in a daily diet, Lactobacillus plantarum is among the most important ones.


Part of the Lactobacillaceae family, the Lactobacillus plantarum is a very common ingredient in fermented foods. Moreover, it can also be found in anaerobic plant matter and in the human saliva. Even though its main benefits are still being studied in many parts of the world, but especially at the Lund University from Lund, Sweden, some of them are already recognized.


Being among the most beneficial bacteria in the human body that can also live for a very long time in the human stomach, it can fight many different diseases and prevent as well pathogenic microorganisms from entering the body and growing inside. Moreover, it can also provide colon benefits by preventing the bacteria attack on the intestinal lining and blood stream that could cause further damage to the whole body.

  • Medical benefits


The latest research conducted at the University of Illinois concerning Lactobacillus plantarum has concluded that it is in fact highly effective when it comes to preventing allergies provoked by soy. In order to reach this conclusion, experts fermented a wide variety of soy seeds using many different microorganisms. The obtained products and also the original ones were introduced into people’s blood plasma. The ones who were allergic to soy showed an improvement in their reactions with 99%. Even though today there are just a few people allergic to soy, their number is expected to increase, as more and more products include soy in their composition.

In a different study, it has been proven that Lactobacillus plantarum is resistant to many antibiotics. Even though these pills are effective in most of the cases, they can sometimes cause overgrowths both in adults and children that can result in disrupted digestive systems. Lactobacillus plantarum can easily prevent these adversities when antibiotics are generally used.

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