• What is Serrapeptase?

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Serrapeptase is a protease enzyme that’s generated by the Serratia enterobacterium. This particular microorganism is produced by the silkworms’ intestine and it’s used for dissolving the cocoon. After the bacteria are purified, the serrapeptase is extracted. Other common names for serrapeptase are serratiopeptidase, serrapeptidase, serralysin, serratio peptidase, serratia peptidase and serratiapeptase. These days, the serrapeptase enzyme is processed by fermentation and it has connections with the biological fluids and their macroglobulin. The enzyme has immunologically and anti-inflammatory activities.

It is a natural plant enzyme that’s usually used against inflammations. Since it was discovered, many studies were conducted so as to show its powerful anti-inflammatory activity. For many years it was used in Asia and Europe as a natural alternative to ibuprofen and salicylates. It is effective because it has no side effects.

inflammationSerrapeptase activity consists in digesting all kinds of inflammations, arterial plaque, cysts, blood clots and non-living tissues. The enzyme is also useful for coronary patients, because it prevents arterial blockage. Moreover, serrapeptase eliminates arterial plaque and prevents strokes. It diminishes and shrinks varicose veins and reduces blood clots. Serrapeptase may be useful for a faster recovery after a surgery.

As stated before, it relieves inflammation and pain. Because it has no side effects, some countries like Austria and Germany introduced this particular enzyme on prescriptions. Fibromyalgia, headaches and arthritis can be treated with serrapeptase. Moreover, it was shown that the enzyme is better than other proteases in diminishing inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the main cause of various other diseases. Serrapeptase cures this condition naturally. After a 4 month treatment the symptoms of inflammation have disappeared in patients who decided to be a part of the research study.

Those who have high blood pressure and clogging can take serrapeptase for their cardiovascular health. It can even be used by pregnant women and children and it can be taken with other pills. However, there are certain interactions that must be avoided. For example, when used with Warfarin, a medication that thins the blood, serrapeptase should be taken in smaller doses because it potentates these pills. The enzyme usually thins the blood when it’s way too thick, by eliminating the dead blood cells and the debris.

  • Health benefits


The serrapeptase enzyme has many health benefits. It reduces swelling and pain of the joints, as well as throat swelling. Thus, we can say that this enzyme acts like a painkiller. Moreover, serrapeptase digests inflamed and dead tissues, these being the causes for many ailments. Thus, the enzyme destroys plaque coating and frees blocked arteries, improving the circulation.

Also, when taken regularly, serrapeptase prevents chronic ear infections, by reducing the inner pressure of the ear. Backaches, migraines and headaches can also be treated with this beneficial enzyme. Additionally, those with inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis and Crohn’s disease or with sports injuries and lung problems can take advantage from serrapeptase.

This proteolytic enzyme clears sinus cavities and dissipates pressure. That’s why it’s used for treating sinusitis and various other throat and nose problems such as:

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