• What is protease?

ProteaseProteases, also known as proteinase or peptidase, are enzymes that have a catalytic function of breaking down peptide bonds from a polypeptide chain in a particular protein. There are different types of protease, each with its own ability of hydrolyzing peptide bonds:

  • Subtilisin
  • fungal protease
  • bromelain
  • pepsin
  • papain
  • chymotrypsin
  • trypsin

All these are grouped in 6 categories: glutamic acid proteases, metalloproteases, aspartate proteases, cysteine proteases, theorine proteases and serine proteases. Also, these enzymes can be grouped according to their pH. Thus we have alkaline or basic proteases, neutral proteases and acid proteases.

Proteases are extremely important for the human body. They are vital for the digestion because they convert proteins found in foods into amino acids. Throughout the years these enzymes have been used in various therapies. Recently studies have been conducted in order to observe their health benefits in the immune regulation, the oncology, the blood rheology control and the inflammatory conditions. When ingested orally, proteases are helpful for the GI tract, being absorbed by the blood. At the same time they preserve their usual enzymatic activity. Nowadays, proteases are commonly produced for remedies and food supplements. For this, specialists use the oryzae and Aspergillus niger organisms.

Naturally, these enzymes can be found in the intestinal, pancreatic and stomach juices. They are very beneficial for people that have various food allergies. The bromelain in the protease dissolves the antigens that cause the allergies. Additionally, they improve

  • blood circulation
  • alleviate Edema
  • reduce the inflammation
  • reduce Phlebitis pain
  • alleviate sinusitis
  • prevent atypical clotting of the blood
  • reduce the pain
  • diminish inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis
  • cures osteoarthritis and varicose veins
  • minimize muscle pain

Moreover, because it inhibits detrimental bacteria, protease can even prevent diarrhea and treat gastric ulcers. The papain from this enzyme can also reduce pain and inflammation from insect stings and bites.

Health benefits

As stated before, protease is very helpful for the digestive system. What’s more important is that it doesn’t just digest food, but also cell walls of destructive organisms that can be found in our body. Moreover, this enzyme can breakdown undigested proteins, cellular debris and toxins. Thus, it prevents toxin overload.

Since the digestion is vital for our health we can say that the enzymes are also essential for the overall physical condition. There are many health benefits provided by protease. The first is the inflammatory bowel disease. Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, reduces inflammation and prevents the development of colon tumors.

Protease is extremely beneficial for stomach ulcers and skin burns. Ingesting the enzyme promotes cellular repair for stomach ulcers and skin burns. Proteases can reduce the pain caused by some inflammations. They also support the healing of tissues injuries, fractures, bruises and sprains.

This enzyme can neutralize some bio-chemicals, like eicosanoids and bradykinins that cause the inflammatory issues. Thus it may stop or slow the inflammation, reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s disease and heart diseases and even preventing cancer. Protease acts similar to drugs like diclofenac when it comes to relieving osteoarthritis pain.

Specialists claim that protease can help in sport injuries. It promotes a much faster recovery and it’s beneficial especially for mild fractures. This enzyme is useful for gut bacteria. It provides important amino acids to our cells, thus developing the Lactic Acid Bacteria. This is the good type of the gut bacteria that splits the compounds.

Certain types of protease are able to improve the blood cells and the blood circulation. This way they can reduce the formation of clots. Last but not least, protease enzymes eliminate organic debris from our lymph and circulatory system.

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