• What is peptidase?

Peptidase, also known as protease or proteolytic is an enzyme with a very important role in the hydrolysis of proteins. Hydrolysis is the process of breaking down bigger molecules into smaller parts, in this case from proteins deriving peptides and even smaller units called amino acids. Peptidase is considered a crucial element in the organism and was proven to have many benefits against:

  • inflammatory conditions
  • oncology
  • immune regulations
  • blood rheology control

Peptidase is present in animals but also in bacteria and plants. After the protein materials reach the stomach, they are attacked by pepsin, a gastric enzyme. When it reaches the small intestine, the digestion of the remaining protein material is completed by proteolytic enzymes, more precisely peptidase, secreted by the pancreas.

The role of peptidase is also to help the immune system focus on bacterial or parasitic invasion. Since viruses are parasitic cells covered by a protein film, they are broken down by proteases thus removing any threat to the organism.

  • Health benefits

If there is a lack of peptidase, many illnesses and deficiencies can occur. Peptidase has an important role in breaking down proteins and providing the organism with the necessary amino-acids. Given that proteins are the ones that carry protein-bound calcium into the blood, diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis could appear in case proteins were missing.

Protease prevents anxiety and insomnia. If there is protein deficiency in the organism, the acidity in the body would disappear and there would be an alkaline excess in the blood causing those disorders. All peptidase health benefits are connected to proteins. Helping the hydrolysis of proteins, this enzyme can prevent mood swings and irritability caused by the lack of glucose. Glucose is made by protein conversions and if it is not in the right amount, it leads to hypoglycemia.

Those who have problems with the immune system should try taking peptidase, since it will have many positive effects. This enzyme digests unwanted debris in the blood, more precisely viruses and bacteria, allowing the immune system to concentrate on more important body intrusions. Inflammatory conditions can be cured with the help of peptidase. For example, it can reduce the inflammation in the inflammatory bowel disease and can even stop tumor formation in the lower intestine. Peptidase also found its role in oncology given its power to boost the immune system, making it more susceptive to virus attacks and malignant cells.

Another positive effect that peptidase enzyme has over the organism is its capacity to accelerate the healing of the skin and muscles. Patients who were victims of burns, sprains or sport related injuries could overcome their wounds if they decide to take peptidase as a supplement. It is an expected effect since this enzyme helps break down proteins that are the main cells in the muscles.

Heart disease, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease may be reduced when the amount of peptidase in the body is increased. Since it can neutralize the biochemical substances linked to the inflammatory response, such as eicosanoids and bradykinins, the blood vessels will be healthier and the risk of having the conditions mentioned earlier will decrease.

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