• What is lipase?

Branch with olives and a bottle of olive oil isolated on whiLipase is a very important enzyme in the process of digesting fatty substances (lipids) that can be found in the human metabolism, or as part of a diet. It hydrolyzes fats into minor parts so the intestines can absorb them.

During hydrolysis, lipase acts like a catalyst and breaks down oils and solid fats into their compounds, retaining diglycerides, free fatty acids, monoglycerides and glycerol. Mainly this signifies that a triglyceride molecule, an important fat cell found in food, is stripped off the remaining fatty acids in two, one or even none fatty acids linked to glycerol.

Lipase is normally produced within the pancreas, yet there may appear deficiencies in cases of pancreas disease or digestive imbalance. Although fats are considered to be the primary reason for health problems like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, several good forms of fat are important for the best function of every organ and cell.

There are 3 different types of lipase: gastric lipase, pharyngeal lipase and hepatic lipase. The gastric lipase is produced within the stomach and its primary function is to digest fatty acids. The pharyngeal lipase is secreted by the human salivary glands and attacks fatty acids from the moment the food is inside the mouth. The hepatic lipase is a digestive enzyme produced by the liver.

All cells in the body use lipids to build structure and protect the system. It’s not sufficient to watch your diet and eat healthy fats, but you also have to ensure that you don’t lack solid pancreatic enzymes, the ones that not only absorb fats but additionally fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins D, K, E and A. These good pancreatic enzymes are actually lipase.  When missing these enzymes, digestive disorders like heartburn and indigestion may appear.

It is known now that lipase can break down fats and prevent gaining weight or even end up obese, but additionally it can improve digestion and enhance nutritional value of fats to see if they came from healthy, good food. Since a lot of people consume unhealthy food that doesn’t provide the wanted fatty acids and nutrients that are fat-soluble, it is of high importance to accumulate and digest them as resourcefully as possible. Moreover, the symptoms of a bad digestion such as abdominal discomfort, bloating, indigestion and gas, especially caused by high-fat foods, can be improved. Самая подробная информация ballons bedrucken lassen у нас.

  • Health benefits

Lipase is known as one of the most essential enzymes within the body, along with protease and amylase. Given the fact that it can break down fats, the organism can still have energy and function normally. Lipase helps the body maintain a healthy condition therefore when there is a lipase shortage, many diseases can occur.

One of its many benefits is that it keeps the pancreatic enzymes at perfect levels as the human body ages.  Lipase, chymotrypsin and phospholipase can be found in constant smaller amounts as the body gets older, and that’s why seniors have to take lipase supplementation.

Celiac disease can be improved with the intake of this enzyme. It affects the organism by disabling digestion of proteins found in gluten. After taking lipase, a growth in weight could be observed, demonstrating that nutrients were kept in the body.

Indigestion can additionally be treated with lipase, since it helps reducing general symptoms such as flatulence, bloating and being excessively full, consequences of a high-fat unhealthy meal. These unwanted symptoms are also connected to IBS, also known as irritable bowel syndrome, meaning that lipase can be useful in that condition as well.

Cystic fibrosis is a severe condition that affects the pancreas, as it pushes the system to make more mucus, sometimes blocking pancreatic enzymes that should reach the intestines. By taking lipase, symptoms are reduced and nutritional components will reach their target.Butter Curls

Since the enzyme secretions are increased, the immune function also receives an overall boost. All enzymes responsible with hydrolysis can destroy some viruses and bacteria hidden in the nutritional cells, thus helping the immune system concentrate over the real threats that can appear over time.

Lipase decomposes fat-soluble nutrients so they can be easily absorbed.

If the body can’t break fats, a disease called steatorrhea or excessive fecal fat loss appears, manifesting through weight gain, a greater craving for fats and loss of important vitamins such as A, E, D, as well as K. Lipase supplements should be very useful with this disease.

Since it promotes the well absorption of fats, many people take lipase as a treatment for weight loss. If they also keep a diet that includes healthy food, the results will be incredibly visible. It is an-all natural yet very effective pill that will rebalance the digestive system.

Usually, people already have the necessary amount of lipase in their body. However, many nutritionists advise individuals who need it not to take more than 6,000 LU (lipase units), meaning 1 or 2 capsules. Those might want to lose weight can take these pills, but it is recommended to consult a doctor in case they have any doubts.

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