Digestive Enzymes can Help Reduce Stress

Due to poor diets that are made up of highly processed foods, many people are lacking in digestive enzymes. This can be particularly true of a SID child because they definitely don’t eat properly. Digestiveenzymesareimportantforbreakingdown the foods we take in so that they can be properly absorbed. Digestive enzymes are important for breaking down carbohydrates and other sugars as well as protein and fats. In fact, individuals with poor diets should supplement their diets with digestive enzymes. This is easy to do as they come in capsule form. Once the proper nutrients are absorbed, your child’s behavior should improve. If your child is plagued with headaches and body aches, digestive enzymes will help them go away. Your child will be able to concentrate better because he/she feels good. Now, that the brain is properly nourished, you should see some dramatic improvements on the physical and emotional states of your child.

If your system is full of toxins, this can cause all kinds of problems. You’ll be in need of a detox therapy. We’re referring to your intestinal tract. Improper diets allow fecal matter to build up in the intestine and prevent proper absorption of nutrients as well. With an improper diet, detoxing should be done on a regular basis. Once such detox program is known as the Feingold program. The Feingold program helps to eliminate three groups of synthetic food additives and one class of synthetic sweeteners. This diet generates better behavior, memory, learning, and overall health. This works well for individuals that have attention deficit problems. Some individuals use Epsom salts to detox their intestines. These salts contain magnesium that allows for a natural bowel elimination and the sulfur it contains helps with the elimination of bad bacterial.

If your child has any food allergies, it is best to find out what they are and try to remove those foods from his/her diet. A lot of kids are allergic to peanuts and peanut products and this can generate brain dysfunction as well as breathing issues and sleeplessness compounding the sensory integration dysfunction.

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