Еnzymes purify the body

  • Cholesterol- the main cause for clogged arteries and platelets

Cholesterol, one of the main reasons people gain weight, is also the primary cause for heart conditions. Free radicals, inflammation and fibrin are critical problems for the health and they’re mostly triggered by high levels of bad cholesterol into the system.  The moment cholesterol gets attached to the arterial wall it becomes hard and calcified due to free radicals and too much calcium within the blood that is not dissolved. Both calcium and magnesium need to be in a perfect balance to stabilize the body and not be mixed with cholesterol.

The moment too much bad cholesterol or LDL gets into the bloodstream, it can gradually accumulate on the arterial wall of vessels that are responsible for the brain and heart. Once it’s mixed up with additional substances, it forms plague which is a hard deposit that narrows the arteries and makes blood flow run slower. The condition is identified as atherosclerosis. It’s really important to

adopt a healthy lifestyle; cutting back on fats and carbs and increasing the amount of veggies on a daily basis, will ensure a healthy existence. When the body does not have enough enzymes there’s always the option to take supplementation under strict supervision of a doctor.

  • Enzymes=artery cleansers

In order to find the connection between clogged arteries and cholesterol, British researchers decided to run some tests on people with atherosclerosis. They came to the conclusion that nearly all enzymes become gradually scrawnier in older individuals. Hence, they concluded that enzymes insufficiency speeds up cholesterol deposits onto the inner side walls of the arteries.

People’s arteries are the body’s rivers. They consistently transport vital
oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the system. If you want to stay healthy, it’s really important to keep your arteries as clean as possible. A proper daily diet, foods rich in enzymes and a workout routine are essential ingredients that will keep your strong and vigorous. When a daily diet is based on processed foods filled with saturated fats, toxins and chemicals, your arteries will be clogged up and in the near future you might experience heart-related conditions.

Scientists have proved that a clean diet filled with veggies and fruits can keep your heart strong and thus your body in perfect shape. Fibrin for instance, can be considered a tough protein because it is linked to blood clotting and it’s a fibrillar enzyme involved in the following procedure: platelet activation, blood coagulation and protein polymerization.

Serrapeptase is yet another enzyme that can clean coronary arteries from blocking layers. Produced in the serratia bacteria that lives within silkworms, serrapeptase has the ability to dissolve ‘dead tissue’ such a fibrinoid layers inside the arteries. Overall, digestive enzymes are elementary supplements that help the human body stay healthy and feel health for longer periods of time. Raw foods, white meat, fruits and vegetables must be included in every meal to make sure that the system is properly fed and energized.

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