Еnzymes purify the body

  • Enzymes purify the body

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Known as assistants or biological catalysts, enzymes have important properties that help our bodies stay strong and healthy. Enzymes are located in nearly all living cells and they are additionally recognized as energized protein molecules. With the power to break down fats, fiber and carbs, enzymes make it possible for the body to benefit from all the nutrients found in foods necessary to keep the body strong.

However, occasionally enzymes are lacking from our bodies and thus, certain diseases appear. Arterial thrombosis for example, is one of them. Within the blood vessels, clots emerge and they can severely obstruct the blood circulation. Clogged arteries are liable for endless health problems and this is where enzymes come in. Proteolytic and systematic enzymes, as well as antioxidants should be added into your system to clean the arteries, remove platelets and keep the blood vessels as clean as possible. Nattokinase and serrapeptase are two of such enzymes that can prevent the appearance of clots; additionally, they can break them down.

  • What is thrombosis? Can it be cured with enzymes?

Thrombosis refers to blood vessel obstructions due to blood clots, additionally known as ‘thrombi’. They can be formed in the blood vessels or in people’s veins. It can be a severe health problem particularly when the blockage happens in the heart’s main arteries. The outcome could lead to a stroke, heart attack or additional life-threatening complications. There are numerous causes for clots and blocked arteries; immobility, vein injury, certain medications, blood disorders, hardening of the arteries and more.

The moment your physician will diagnose a vessel obstruction or blood clot, treatment will be required and it will be based on thrombosis location, extent and type. Although some medications might include anticoagulants, other options include be enzyme supplementation.

  • What is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is regarded as a potent fibrinolytic enzyme, highly purified and extracted from a traditional food found in Japan known as Natto; Natto is in fact a fermented food that looks like cheese and it has been used in the country for thousands of years. At present, the food is extremely popular in Japan because it’s also a remedy for vascular and heart diseases. After years of secrecy, Natto can also be found in the US. Produced through a fermentation process by adorning an effective bacterium Bacillus Natto into soybeans that are boiled, the result is the nattokinase enzyme.

When eating the prevailing enzyme, Japanese people could keep their blood vessels free of clots and clear of additional platelets. There’s also a great side effect of Nattokinase- because the blood flows smoothly through the vessels, blood pressure it not needed anymore.

Throughout the US, there’s a low grade coagulation disorder that is extremely broad-based. Clotting is considered a major factor in the growth of chronic diseases. With the help of nattokinase, there’s a chance to stop it. Together with other fibrinolytic enzymes, nattokinase helps maintain the blood’s optimal flow. Physicians around the US and first-hand reports have managed to demonstrate that the enzyme can be helpful in a wide variety of hyper-coagulation disorders like high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, fibromyalgia, ischemic strokes, varicose veins and others.

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