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The benefits of Bifidobacterium began to be studied only in the last decade. The information about this bacterium came from the analysis of animals, feces and post-mortem subjects. It was also difficult to create a supplement of bifidobacterium that survived the gastric fluid and the shelf life.

Bifidobacterium’s main purpose is to improve the intestinal flora’s health leading to a stronger immunity and a greater ability of resisting to inflammation. Dr. Liam O’Mahony states in a 2008 report that inflammation is the main cause of numerous chronic diseases. T-regulatory cells, or the cells that hold back inflammatory illnesses, were shown to have a decreased number when taking Bifidobacterium.

Along with other researches, one case study published in “Cancer Research”, 1993 believe that Bifidobacterium can prevent breast, liver and colon cancer, thanks to the protection this bacteria offers against heterocyclic amines, methyl quinolines, azomethane and nitrosamines, the main carcinogens.

In an issue of “BMC Cancer” from 2008, Korean researchers have reported that bifidobacteria strains were discovered to lessen the development of 3 human colon cancer cell lines.

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