• What is sucrase?

SugarSucrase, also known as invertase, is a particular group of enzymes that convert sucrose hydrolysis into simple sugars like glucose and fructose. These enzymes are commonly found in yeast and animal intestinal mucosa. There are 3 types of sucrase:

  • EC
  • invertase
  • sucrase-isomaltase

If the body doesn’t produce enough sucrase, this may cause certain intolerance to sucrose. In this case lactose and maltose must be used for a proper diet and nutrition.

Therefore, we can say that sucrase is helpful for digesting food. It breaks down the food and enables the absorption of healthy nutrients. Moreover, this enzyme can also eliminate viruses like gastrointestinal flu viruses and may also break down particular damaged tissues. These processes enhance tissue growth and reduce inflammation. The sucrase-isomaltase deficiency, the congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency or simply the sucrose intolerance appears when the small intestine doesn’t produce sucrase. In this case, malabsorption, diarrhea and gas may occur. Also, lactose intolerance is a disorder that occurs when the disaccharide lactose is not hydrolyzed.

The villi tips of the epithelium found in the small intestine produce sucrase. This links perfectly the fructose and glucose molecules. They generate sucrose, a sugar that can be contained by desserts like pies, cakes and cookies. Usually, other sugars are not affected by sucrase. The levels of enzyme can be reduced when some villi-blunting problems like celiac sprue occur. In diabetes, lactation or pregnancy, the levels of enzymes increase.

The sucrase enzyme is beneficial because its chemical reaction with sucrose produces the fructose and the glucose. These are simple sugars, officially named monosaccharide, that are absorbed much easier. They are taken in the walls of the small intestine and then they easily get in the blood. If they work properly, they can reach the tissues of the body and boost energy.

As many amylase enzymes, sucrase enzymes are naturally produced by the body. But, in some cases of intestinal problems, pre-existing conditions and natural aging the sucrase amount from the body is reduced. Also, food sensitivities and stomach discomfort may occur when the enzymes are washed out. In these cases, an antacid is beneficial.

  • Health benefits

The sucrase enzyme is extremely beneficial for people’s health, because it offers a great deal of energy. The sucrose, which is a simple carbohydrate, is a type of sugar that’s very sweet. Splitting the sucrose into glucose and fructose- other 2 simple carbohydrates- is healthier and helpful for the body. That’s why sucrase is very important for people. In order for the sucrase to work properly, it’s important to have a healthy diet that eliminates junk sugar like candies and soda. You can replace them with vegetables and fruits, which are a natural source of sucrose. The natural sweet taste of fruits is so much better than chocolates and sweets that have artificial additives.

The sucrase enzymes are helpful for:

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