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Certain case studies and researches tried to reveal the importance of rennin for the human organism. Many of them wanted to observe the identities of rennin and pepsin. Some specialists like Fenger and Hammarsten stated that the activities of these two enzymes are completely different and that’s why it is important to distinguish them properly. Others, Pawlow and Pekelharing claimed that rennin and pepsin have similar activities.

Laboratory studies were conducted in order to see which one was right. One of the studies used a Fenger rennin preparation that was extremely active. Dried samples of this preparation were utilized for curdling the milk and demonstrated that they were very powerful. They coagulated a type of milk that was pasteurized and fresh in less than 10 minutes. The temperature used was 40⁰C. This experiment proved that this kind of rennin product is more effective and less harmful than other preparations containing sodium chloride. What’s more important is that this specific product won’t lose its activity and benefits if kept longer than usual.

After the experiment, other studies were conducted so as to produce even more powerful preparations. In order to do that, specialists used calves stomachs to extract rennin. They absorbed the enzyme at different pH levels. The tests revealed that rennin is properly absorbed on a percentage of 90-95% if the pH level is 4.6.

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