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In order to observe the numerous benefits of the protease enzyme, many specialists conducted studies in this area. These case studies revealed several protease medical benefits. The specialist Dr. Michael Murray claimed that the protease enzyme has been used to treat cancer for many years. He also says that the National Institutes of Health in the US used it in some studies on:

  • Lung
  • Lymph
  • Reproductive
  • Stomach
  • breast cancer

These institutes noticed that the enzyme can prolong the life expectancy and quality of the patients. Dr. Murray also prevents the sufferers that the protease mustn’t be ingested right before the surgery because it can cause serious bleedings.

Dr. Murray also states that the protease enzymes are helpful for inflammatory diseases such as the rheumatoid arthritis. He notes that a study on this particular condition and on lupus showed that these ailments produce antibodies that increase swelling, acute pain and redness. The protease’s role is to break down these antibodies into simple elements that can be much easier eliminated. It also enhances the amount of nutrients found within the system.

The University of Southern California conducted a study to discover the benefits of protease on sport injuries. Specialists found out that this particular enzyme has anti-inflammatory effects, thus reducing injury inflammations. They also noted that protease promotes a faster healing and recovery time. Although results were somehow inconclusive, they still claim that the proteolytic enzyme speeds up the recovery.

Another study was conducted for pain relief and sprains. It involved 30 participants that had a chronic neck pain. They were divided into 2 groups. Those from the first group were given placebo and the people from the second group took protease enzymes. The results were that individuals from the latter category had a pain reduction in comparison to those that took placebo. Other studies revealed that protease speed up the healing of some injuries, sprains, fractures and bruises.

Many other studies were conducted for the stomach ulcers and skin burns, for the inflammatory bowel disease and for digestive disorders. For example, in 2010, an American case study showed that the particular proteolytic enzyme can prevent the formation of certain tumors on the colon. The same year, a Brazilian study on mice revealed that protease is helpful for cellular repair, thus healing skin burns.

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