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Regarding its traditional use, the enzyme is a common ingredient is foods based on meats. Papain’s main property is to tenderize the food and make it smoother. General papaya enzymes have the ability to soften the skin and dissolve fats.  Consequently, both the enzyme and the fruit have anti-inflammatory properties; also, they help people get rid of bruises, swelling and sore throat. Studies have shown that papain is a great immunostimulant. In low dosage is might even help those with dyspeptic disorders and sinus pains.  It can also break down foods that have less gas and can keep people far away from concerns like nausea and bloating.

  • Medical benefits of papain

The University of Michigan has shown that the papain enzyme which derives from the unripe papaya fruit can assist patients with different health issues. As many studies concerning papain have been made, this enzyme can be consumed as a supplement in moderate dosages without the recommendation or prescription of a doctor.

According to some studies conducted by the University of Michigan Health System, papain derives from the unripe papaya fruit and can be purchased as powder or pills. Local drug stores, as well as supermarkets have it available for over the counter purchase. The same university highlighted that the enzyme could break down food much easier when the digestion is not regular.

The University of Maryland Medical additionally showcased that papain is a great treatment for wounds and irritations. It can treat skin ulcers and burns when applied onto the skin as ointment. Several types of supplements could additionally reduce the swelling of the prostate. Combined with additional medication like Quercetin it helps the body make anti-inflammatory agents that might concern the prostate.

Some other research studies have proven that papain featured another enzyme in its composition named chymopapain with great anti-inflammatory outcomes. That’s why it is used in reducing pain and arthritis.

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