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Since the discovery of this valuable enzyme, many studies have been conducted in order to prove its genuine health benefits. For example, some in vitro studies revealed the fact that the enzyme is able to prevent the growth of Pseudomonas biofilms and enhance their break down potential. Thus, the organ systems and the intestinal tract are being detoxified which will make people feel better and ge rid of their discomfort.

In one of these studies a biofilm collected from the Pseudomonas aeruginosa was put on glass slides and grown with glucose. The growth of the biofilm was regularly evaluated by simply measuring the biomass density and the CFU. Three various cellulase concentrations were used to develop the biofilm at 7 and 5 pH levels. The results were that the cellulase enzyme stops the CFU and biomass formation. However, the results were dependent on the enzyme concentration. The 7 pH level was much more efficient than the pH5. Also the study revealed that the molecular weight of the Pseudomonas was reduced.

Another study was conducted on patients who were home nursed. They were given a formula that contained multiple enzymes, including cellulase. After ingesting this particular formula, specialists found out that they had much better protein absorption. The results were that cellulase can improve digestion of nutrients and promote a better nutrition. Various other studies showed that cellulase can strengthen immune functions. What’s even more curious is that when the tests ended and the patients didn’t continue taking the supplements, all the benefits stopped. Overall, cellulase highlights plenty of positive aspects on the human body. It can:

  • keep cholesterol at optimal levels
  • keep free radicals away
  • break down polysaccharides
  • help blood sugar levels

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