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Since bromelain had been discovered, scientists decided to put its advantages to the test and created a series of experiments and trials. A clinical research study made on adults suffering from gentle acute knee soreness for at least three months sought to demonstrate that bromelain can reduce pain associated with arthritis. Adults were split in groups that randomly received 200mg or 400mg of bromelain doses per day. Both groups experienced relief and noteworthy reduction of their pain. Those who got an elevated dose almost didn’t have any pain at all. They also reported more mobility and a better physical condition. The experiment’s conclusion was clear: bromelain can relieve tenderness in vigorous adults with arthritis symptoms and can improve physical condition.

To prove the benefic powers bromelain has over the circulatory system, scientists carried out lab experiments. They found that intravenous application of this enzyme might diminish thrombus formation in arterioles with 13% and in venoles with 5%. As a result, bromelain has antithrombotic and anticoagulant properties.

A research study conducted in London demonstrated that the enzyme can help immunity by boosting IFN-gamma-mediated nitric oxide. Physicians who researched this issue concluded that bromelain has a latent role of activating stirring responses in individuals with a compromised immunity.  Combined with trypsin, bromelain can have an analgesic outcome and it can ease symptoms of engorgement in mothers who recently stopped nursing their infants. Compared to the mothers who took Oxytocin and cold packs, those who took bromelain enzyme had shown better improvement.

A team of German scientists studied its immunological effects of bromelain on 16 breast cancer patients. Women took oral doses of bromelain and the results were measured up to with those of women who took placebo. There were positive results demonstrating that cancer patients endured a reduction in cancer activity. It stimulates IL-1beta from monocytes, even if it’s less noticeable in healthy donors. These results illustrate that bromelain can trigger a positive antitumor activity.

Bromelain was also verified to balance acidity in the stomach thus helping people suffering from stomachaches. It also changes small intestine alkalinity, and it has antibacterial effects, easing diarrhea associated with E.coli infections.

Another research study tried to evaluate bromelain’s effects to the outcomes of ibuprofen for delayed muscle soreness. The 39 test subjects were separated into 4 groups and they were provided doses of 300mgor 400mg. The conclusions were that ingesting bromelain, as well as ibuprofen didn’t affect elbow flexor pain or loss of ROM.

This enzyme also showed promise as a therapy for people who are affected by autoimmune disorders, in treating sepsis in kids and as a treatment to improve protein usage in nursing-home patients. However, more studies and experiments need to be made in order to prove the complete benefits of the bromelain enzyme.

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