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  • Medical benefits

Amylase has been the subject of several research studies ever since it was first found. The extraordinary effects it has on decomposing starch increased the curiosity of scientists, who came up with several ideas to test the benefits of amylase.

The existence of the enzyme in the blood has proven to be crucial in figuring out if patients suffer from pancreatic diseases. A particular type of analysis highlights that if the concentrations of amylase are in the range of 21-101 U/L, it means that it’s perfectly normal and that the patient doesn’t have health issues. A higher level may reflect severe conditions like

  • perforated peptic ulcer
  • strangulation ileus
  • acute pancreas inflammation
  • ovarian cyst torsion
  • mumps
  • macroamylasemia

 It isn’t necessary to test the blood to find out the levels of amylase as they can also be counted in urine or peritoneal fluid.

Recent research studies have advised that salivary alpha amylase could be a sign of sympatho-adrenal medullary commotion. Given this fact, a human research focused on fifty patients with migraine head pains measured the levels of salivary alpha amylase (thirteen patients in-attack, 11 patients in an interval period and 26 patients in  post-attack) in order to investigate considerate nervous system activity. By measuring levels of amylase but also by utilizing the Hamilton Anxiety Rating scale, researchers discovered that the alpha amylase was decreased in the attack period and very high in post-attack period. In brief, the study demonstrated that amylase can illustrate the active nature of sympathetic nervous system commotion.

Another study tried to discover if the salivary alpha-amylase was in any way subjective to an acute psychosocial anxiety like the impact of age. 62 participants divided into two age groups (18-35 years and 45-71 years) were selected for the research. They were exposed to Trier Social Stress Test and the results showed that there was no age difference in the sAA (salivary alpha amylase) or HR responses to stress, only a somewhat higher tendency in older adults.

More research studies concentrated on the stress effect on the alpha amylase proved that cortisol, a certain substance on the loose in response to anxiety, is connected to alpha amylase. Whenever the body undergoes physical or psychological stress the level of the enzyme increases. Both amylase and cortisol tend to max out in response to stress, but not exactly simultaneously, usually because of a faster hormone reaction rather than the one of the enzymes. Other analysis that wanted to uncover a connection between psychological stress and amylase levels have showcased that children have a more increased amount when talking to a more distant person than to a familiar one and a final result on kids emphasized that amylase has great effects on the children’s immune system.

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