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  • intestinal worms
  • protozoa
  • yeast
  • bacteria

 Usually, the pancreatic function is evaluated by analyzing the physical symptoms and a sample of stool.

As mentioned before, the Alpha-Chymotrypsin has anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, during the inflammation it prevents fibrin clots development and tissue damage. Normally, the protease enzymes are part of fibrinolysis, which is the process of breaking down fibrin. Fibrin is responsible for swellings in inflammations, because it forms a wall around the affected area and blocks the lymph vessels and the blood. It also causes blood clots formation. The protease enzymes are helpful for autoimmune conditions. They break down antibodies that are generated by a particular immune system and antigens. These elements are called immune complexes and if they are found in high levels in the blood they can cause autoimmune diseases.

Commonly, Alpha-Chymotrypsin is used in various conditions. As already stated, it aids digestion and reduces swelling and inflammation in:

  • sport injuries
  • soft tissue injuries
  • muscle cramps
  • acute traumatic injuries
  • genitalia
  • eyelids edema
  • sprains
  • infections
  • contusions
  • ecchymoses
  • hematomas

Alpha-Chymotrypsin also treats arthritis and autoimmune diseases like: multiple sclerosis, scleroderma or lupus. It’s beneficial against acne, shingles, abscesses and ulcerations. The enzyme also eliminates parasites and enterozoic worms from the digestive tract and reduces age spots and the negative effects of sun damage. Some say that the Alpha-Chymotrypsin could also treat cancer by easing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Last but not least, Alpha-Chymotrypsin liquefies mucus secretions and it is beneficial for mucus clearing. It can break down the mucoid effusions that may be found inside the inner ear. Usually, this particular substance cannot be removed because it’s very viscous, but the Alpha-Chymotrypsin solution can easily remove it and restore normal hearing.

  • Medical benefits

 So, as one can see, proteolytic enzymes have been used for different conditions because of their fibrinolytic and anti-inflammatory properties. From all digestive enzymes, Alpha-Chymotrypsin has been said to have no side effects on the system.

The Alpha-Chymotrypsin enzyme was studied in various animal experiments by Hendley and associates. When administered intravenously in large doses, this enzyme reduced blood pressure, caused cardiac standstill and respiratory arrest. Some species even had a vascular collapse. A generalized hemorrhagic diathesis of kidneys, intestine, myocardium and lungs was observed. Moreover, in large doses, the Alpha-Chymotrypsin is a powerful anticoagulant not just a really efficient enzyme. So, the result of this study was that Alpha-Chymotrypsin should be taken carefully by people who have sensitivities and certain types of allergies.

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